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Exhaust air purification by concentration

Aufkonzentration mit TNV / Concentration with TNV FIBRELOGIC, Lonsdale / AU AMITECH, Gdansk / PL AMITECH, Carmarles / ES Georg Fischer, Friedrichshafen / DE DU PONT, Guntramsdorf / AT ZIZALA, Wieselburg / AT
1/7 Aufkonzentration mit TNV / Concentration with TNV

Concentration is a process that combines desorption and thermal after-treatment. It is used for large volumes of exhaust air that have a low content of pollutants. The combination substantially reduces operating costs compared to the purely thermal method.
Concentration offers an alternative to regenerative afterburning.

Concentrators are suitable for all operations that:

  • generate large exhaust air flows with a low content of pollutants (from 5,000 m³/hr)
  • produce small to medium pollutant concentration (50 to 1,500 mg/m³)
  • work with discontinuous or continuous production lines


  • very low operating costs
    - because continuous operation is not required
    - the "keep warm" during production stoppage is omitted
    - reduced maintenance since moving flaps accounts
  • small required place and easy installation
    - compact design
    - low system weight
    - stand on the roof possible